• Download the form.
  • Fill all the required information.
  • Attached university ID card copy.
  • Submit it to your Department head.
  • Department Head will forward it to IT department.
  • IT department will communicate the information to Microsoft for Account generation.
  • Account information will then communicate to the user via Email
  1. Sign in to your WebStore (if you are not signed in already).
  2. Place your order for software. You are directed to your Order Receipt upon completing your order.
  3. Click the Download button. The Download Instructions page is displayed.
  4. Click the Download SDM button. The SDM starts downloading.
  5. When the SDM has finished downloading, double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen prompts to install it.
  6. Click the Download .SDX button on the Download Instructions page. If the SDM does not launch automatically once the .SDX has been downloaded, find and double-click the .SDX file to launch it manually. The SDM window opens.
  7. Click the Start Download button next to each item on your order that you wish to download.


Download Attachments